Nature Cure Camp – Dec 2018

I and my hubby decided to spend the Christmas holidays this year doing something productive for us. Since ‘health’ was an area I was struggling hard for the last few years so we decided to spend it by focusing on our health. Indeed it was a great decision to learn about Nature Cure and have a first-hand experience of it.

img-20181231-wa0038 (1)
Group picture with the other participants in the camp

The camp we attended was named ‘Life Natural Education Program Level I ‘. It was 7 days camp between 25th Dec to 31st Dec 2018 at Sadhana Forms – Pollachi. The camps are based on the principles of Dr. Arun Sharma(Director, Institute of Mahayoga and Natural Hygiene, Florida, and grandson of Acharya Lakshmana Sarma of Pudukottai, regarded as the Father of Nature Cure in India). Mr. Ananth Srinivasan is one of the volunteers who is currently arranging those camp. I and anyone who has ever met him will prefer calling him ‘Anand’ because we will always see him in a quiet, joyful state(bliss).

Before I share more details about the learnings from camp I want to stress upon the fact that the camp was on ‘Nature Cure’ and not ‘Naturopathy’. ‘Pathy’ a suffix derived from the Greek “pathos” meaning “suffering or disease” but in this camp, the focus was on being aware of divine science of health and not treating disease. Because the disease is nothing but the body’s way to get rid of stored toxins due to the violation of the body’s many requirements. Nature cure teaches individuals to adopt hygienic laws of Nature which help improve their mental and physical health.

Like darkness disappears in the presence of light, disease vanishes when we take measures to improve our overall health.  Nature cure recommends using the five basic elements, namely Ether (space- the superior most element), Air, Fire (sunlight), Water and Earth for maintaining a healthy life because our bodies are made of these. The above five elements are also known as ‘Panchabhuta‘ is fivefold food of human being. In today’s world we generally focus on the earth element to get our food, but in reality, our food should have all the 5 elements. Reading this you must be wondering – How to consume those 5 elements? Well, this is the biggest learning you get in the camp. They teach you how to intake the above elements regularly through Fasting, Sun Gazing, Sun Basking, Pranayam, Water therapies, etc. Knowing about Panchabhuta and its connection to health my myth that ‘if I don’t eat food I will get tired and if I continue doing so for long I will not have any energy to do my daily chores’  broke. In fact the reverse is true – when you do complete fasting you give your body the chance to heal itself and the body start realizing the stored toxins (which may momentarily cause you discomfort) but eventually, you will start feeling more energetic and become healthy. The reality about hunger is that – when you have keen hunger you will be more active – you will observe your senses are turning sharp and you will experience an alert and light body. That’s the ideal time to feed the body with food. The frequency of meals should be reduced as much as possible because even if you intake a small quantity of food the whole digestive system has to be alert and active to digest it.

Also, another biggest take away was that acute diseases like – Diarrhea, Vomiting, Cold, Fever, Headache, and Pain are blessings in disguise. As these diseases are the body’s way of cleaning the stored toxins. So we should not pop in pills to suppress it because if we suppress this auto cleansing happening in body(although you will experience a momentary relief because the body priority will shift – from auto cleansing to getting rid of external chemical coming in the body through the pills), the toxins will get stored in the body and slowly start converting into chronic or other deadly diseases.

In camp, we also learned a lot about our food habits and how it impacts our overall health. Our blood is alkaline in nature but the food we consume in reality is generally acidic in nature. The grains, the species, the pickles, any processed food or any stored food are all acidic in nature. Also, different categories of food take different time and heat in the stomach to digest. So one should never mix different categories of food in a meal. The simpler the food(close to how we get in nature) it is easy to digest. The more we cook the difficult and lengthy is the process of digestion. The cooked meal generally we take takes 15-18 hours to digest. So you can easily imagine the tough role digestion is performing 24*7. Because not even when digestion of one meal is complete we bombard it with another meal. And here comes the root cause of any disease – ‘elimination’. If our elimination is not proper the waste food starts accumulating gradually in the body in form of toxins – restricting the natural flow and where ever there is accumulation it will manifest in form of the disease. So any disease you name is same – accumulation of toxins in any of our body part. Thus treatment for all disease is the same – one needs to get rid of accumulation. How will be life when every day we are just focused on realizing the accumulation and making the digestive system over busy? Obviously stressed and painful so we need to be conscious of food intake and take as simpler food as possible. When we take simpler food vitality will preserve rather consumed by being continuous busy in cleaning the waste. Thus Nature Cure recommends a raw diet for the body.

Another important discussion was on 10 dimensions to human life namely – physical, environmental, emotional, social, sexual, intellectual, career, financial, creativity and spiritual. How all this 10 dimensional are inter-related and we should consciously focus and take care of each of 10 dimensions. Because restrictions in the flow of anyone above dimensions can cause disease. We should have a perfect balance and give equal importance to all the 10 dimensions.

Another important factor is ‘Relaxation’ . This is what we all try to escape because our work tends to never end. But to be efficient in all the work(rather than working continuously being sluggish) we do need to give body relaxation, Self Time, and adequate sleep whenever it’s demand. Because health and happiness is the natural state of human being. And the vitality knows how to restore its health.

Saying all above, the key line on the entire camp was to be Conscious and Aware. Because the Universe will not give you something which you are not able to handle. Once you are conscious and with complete awarenesses make any choice you are taking charge of your own body and health. And then your inner awareness will start guiding you about what’s right or wrong for your body.

If you want to understand and learn more about my Nature Cure experience, I would love to get in touch with you! Leave your query in the COMMENT.

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